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Custom Hardwood Floors, ChattanoogaSearching for a local service company for custom hardwood floors in the Chattanooga, TN area that you can trust and afford?


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Chattanooga Cabinets is the company to trust with your kitchen or bath remodeling and custom hardwood floors project.


Our staff of professionals and expert craftsmen have decades of experience and are exceptionally qualified in the art of kitchen and bath Kitchen


Cabinet Resurfacing and refacing.


We continually refine our use of materials and manufacturing processes to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.


Our focus continues to be on exceptional Quality and Service.


We offer a large selection of colors in either stain or paint, wood materials and finishes to fit every style and every budget.


Compare Chattanooga Custom Cabinets and you’ll find that our prices are typically 40%+ LESS than the nationally advertised contractors and Home Centers.


Chattanooga Cabinets will help you transform your outdated kitchen into the modern 21st century look that you’ve been dreaming of.


Get a whole new look to your bathroom!


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Custom Hardwood Floors, Chattanooga


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Custom Hardwood Floors Chattanooga

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Cabinetry Contractor, Chattanooga

In spite of the fact that there are lots of resources available over the internet about cabinetry contractor, Chattanooga these days, there are still homeowners who fail to find a reputable company that can do quality cabinetry works for them. It is either they end up getting a mediocre result or worse, they fall victim to scams. The truth of the matter is, if one is only aware of some pitfalls in choosing a service provider, the chances to fail at finding the right company are low.



So, what are the reasons why there are homeowners who fail at finding the right cabinetry contractor? Here are some that are worth-noting:

Not performing diligent prior research. Yes, do not simply do a research once or twice; you need to do more than that if you want to find the best in town. Enough knowledge about your prospects is key and that can only be achieved if you are diligent in your research. If you do not have enough awareness about your prospects, you are most likely to end up having a mediocre result. Note that you cannot simply accept the offer from a cabinet maker that just suddenly knocks on your door. You invite mediocrity if you do that.


Not taking advantage of the Internet. The internet is a huge repository of information about anything you can think of, including information on cabinetry contractor, Chattanooga. There are lots of legitimate reviews about the top cabinetry contractors that you should not miss checking; they can help to make an easy comparison of cabinetry services, which helps in making the most appropriate decision.


Not reviewing prior projects. They say that the best way to make judgement on the quality of work provided by cabinetry contractors is to examine their previous works – and that is true for so many reasons. So, request for some sample works from your prospects; it helps you make the most appropriate decision.


Looking for a reputable cabinetry contractor, Chattanooga, contact us at (423) 668-8565.



Custom Cabinet Maker Chattanooga

Reasons to go with a custom cabinet maker in Chattanooga

Are you trying to decide between custom cabinets or ready-made cabinets for your home renovation? In today’s blog we will share some of the benefits of going with custom cabinets.

1. Unlimited potential

When you choose custom cabinets you can have your cabinet layout custom designed to fit any space. What this means is that you have unlimited possibilities for your rooms final design. Going with custom cabinets will also let you choose unique and specialized cabinet designs that have functions to suit your lifestyle. This is probably the main reason why custom cabinets are ultimately the better option.

2. Any color, stain and wood type

When you go with custom cabinets you also have the advantage of choosing whatever colors, stains and wood types that you want. Depending on your style preferences you can select cabinets to suit your own taste. You are also not limited in the type of material your cabinets are constructed with. With custom cabinets it is much easier to create the kitchen of your dreams.

3. More budget options

If you are investing in renovating your home chances are you want to create a unique kitchen that will last. When you go with custom cabinets you can design your cabinets to suit your budget. This works in your favor when coming up with the final design for your home. Unlike ready-made cabinets you can choose different options that will allow your custom design to come in on budget.

At the end of the day it is your choice. However, for the reasons we have listed above, more and more people are choosing custom kitchen cabinets.

If you want to hear more about the different custom cabinet design options that are available contact a cabinet design expert at Chattanooga Cabinets today!