Cabinet Refinishing

What is Cabinet Refinishing?

Cabinet Refinishing provides the best cost advantage of all the cabinet restoration processes.

Chattanooga Cabinets offers a huge selection of colors choices and finishes. You can choose from an Amarillo Cream with a Mocha glazing to an English Chestnut with Onyx glazing or no glazing at all. We refinish your cabinets to a silky smooth luster with a finish better than or equal to any on the finest of new cabinetry. We use water based professional finishes by M.L. Campbell. We are experts at color and stain matching. Our kitchen cabinet refinishing process will give your existing cabinets the look and feel of a brand new kitchen.


Chattanooga Cabinets refinishing process begins with an in-home design consultation. Here our designer finds out what you’re looking for and wanting out of your kitchen. The free in-home design consultation will show how color can change the entire look and feel of your kitchen. We will also make recommendations on how to update your current cabinets by adding new trim or reconfiguring existing cabinets.

Once the design, color and finishing technique has been chosen, we then make a sample for your approval. You must approve the sample before any work begins. Once approved, we start your kitchen transformation.


The first step of the transformation beings with removing all the doors and drawers. We bring the doors and drawers back to Chattanooga Cabinets for refinishing. In the house, we are experienced in the art of masking and take priority in protecting the areas not being refinished. Cabinet doors and drawers are refinished at Chattanooga Cabinets and the frames/cabinet boxes are refinished on-site. All finishes are applied with modern HVLP spray equipment. Once the color is applied, we then spray the cabinets with durable top coats of catalyzed varnish. The doors and drawers go through the same process. Finally, the refinished doors and drawers are re-installed.


The time required to complete an average kitchen from removal of the doors is one week.


Advantages of Refinishing:

  • Sprayed finishes offer unsurpassed smoothness, clarity and durability
  • New finishes offers superior water and chemical resistance which makes it easy to clean and maintain
  • Use of kitchen throughout the process
  • The refinishing process takes just one week
  • Huge saving because we refinished your existing high quality cabinets